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No. This isn’t a sales pitch. We aren’t here to try and convince you that this is the right team to be a part of. Instead, we’ll show you.

Our tutors are the beating heart of our TutorRight family. Without you, countless students would have already achieved less than they were capable of. We don’t employ our tutors. We invite them to join us and come along for the ride. That means you are completely in control of how many students you take on, when you see them and whether you even want to just offer your services virtually! As a self-employed member of Team TutorRight, you’ll be under no pressure to take on the work that you don’t want to. What’s more, you’ll be paid competitively and treated like the professional that you are.

See, we know that teaching in the conventional sense – within the confines of school policies – can sometimes lead to a more sedate version of your true, inspiring self. That’s why we don’t impose any mandatory frameworks regarding how you deliver your sessions. If you and your student are happy to complete worksheets, go for it! If you both decide that going through exam papers and analysing questions is the best route, then guess what? Go for it! We’re constantly reminded that every learner is different. Unique. And rightly so. But so are you. And we know that. So we will trust you to use your professional judgement when taking sessions and give you the freedom to flex your educational prowess!

Where do I sign?

Registering your interest is easy. Simply fill in the form below and click send! Attaching a CV will help us to know a little bit more about you. Don‘t worry – we won’t share any information that is sent to us.

Once we’ve received the form we will contact you with further details, including our terms & conditions and payable rates. We ask that all tutors hold an up to date Enhanced DBS certificate and so we will also ask for you to send a photo / scanned copy. Don’t worry if you are on the auto-renewal scheme – simply provide us with your DBS number and we will run the necessary checks.

Don’t yet hold an Enhanced DBS? Don’t panic! Complete the registration form and make a reference to this fact in the Additional Comments section. If you aren’t sure how to obtain one then let us know that too and we’ll send some information across to you to get that process started.

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I was given the opportunity to work with Chris at TutorRight four years ago and have not looked back since.

I tutor Maths and English with a focus on Special Educational Needs and behavioural issues. Being a tutor has allowed me to get away from the confines of being in a school setting with strict time constraints, which do not allow you to build up good working relationships with individual pupils; being at TutorRight allows me this freedom and also, essentially, to differentiate the curriculum to suit the needs of the learner.

With regards to work/life balance, I now have the choice to pick my own hours to fit around my family life, which has been wonderful.

TutorRight somehow manage to balance being ultra-professional, but at the same time being friendly, helpful and very approachable.

It is the best leap of faith I have ever taken.

Wendy Rowbotham

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