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The Benefits Of Online Tuition


One of the positives to come out of the covid pandemic is that the whole world now knows more about the benefits of online working and online learning.

The technology was already there, of course, but it took a desperate situation to emerge to really force people into having to use it. But its legacy is a positive one. In the workplace, it has opened people’s eyes to the benefits of home and hybrid working. So much so, that it has been genuinely transformational to people’s lives.

Similarly, within education, online learning has the power to be equally game-changing. During the pandemic, schools were pretty much thrown headfirst into the deep end into the idea of online lessons. Naturally, as a result, its results and success were variable in schools across the country – but the potential benefits for the future are already clear and are beginning to be explored.

In some schools, teachers have begun to record lessons or to create specific online content that students can access in their own time. This could be especially useful for students who have missed lessons through illness, etcetera. Furthermore, ‘Snow Days’ will probably now become a thing of the past and be consigned to history…

And when it comes to private tuition, there are several benefits to doing it online rather than face-to-face. 

Online tutoring gives you more flexibility

The most obvious benefit of online tuition is the flexibility it offers. There is no need to factor in travel time. As most face-to-face tuition takes place after school, rush hour traffic can be a significant factor. Re-scheduling, when it’s needed, becomes a lot easier when tuition takes place online.

Without the need for travelling, it’s easier (for tutors and students) to find time for lessons. This can be particularly useful in the run-up to exams where extra sessions might be needed.

Technology is great for learning

Online tutoring makes it easier to share documents, files, videos, and links that could be useful for learning. Online storage clouds mean that potentially vast amounts of resources can be shared during or after lessons between a tutor and a student – without the need to print reams of paper – and who’s got a photocopier in their living room anyway?

Not only that, using online whiteboards and the array of online tools that are available can really help to engage students, particularly those who are visual learners.

Furthermore, without really knowing it, online tuition will help to build students’ IT skills. Communicating through chat platforms and video conferencing tools will be a permanent fixture of the future workplace. Developing confidence with such tools will help students in the job market in years to come.

A more relaxed environment

Online tuition is a little bit different from face-to-face tuition and very different from traditional learning in the classroom. The change in pace and style can be a real advantage for students and can be great for those who lack confidence.

At the end of the day, online tuition is not for everyone. Certainly, it can be harder to build a rapport between tutor and student online than if the learning was face-to face. Equally though, there are plenty of benefits and advantages to online tuition – and it is the perfect option for many students.

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