The Easter Holidays: Revise and Re-energise!


This year’s exam season is almost upon us: GCSE exams begin the week beginning 6 May, and AS/A levels kick in the week after. That leaves – at the time of writing – just 6 full weeks left before the exams begin. And, of course, 2 of those weeks are not weeks in school or college; they are the Easter holidays.

And that’s the subject of our latest blog – the importance of making the most of the Easter holidays and of using the time to revise and re-energise.

Making the Most of the Easter Holidays

The Easter break really is – excuse the pun – a Godsend!

After a full day at school or college, it’s difficult to do a significant amount of revision in the evening as well because students are bound to be tired.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that once the exams have begun, they come thick and fast – and they really take it out of you, so revising during this period should be no more than a last chance to go over things; a last minute refresher and putting the proverbial final icing on the cake before each exam.

This is why the Easter break is so important. It offers a run of full days that can be used to really knuckle down to some serious revising.

Plan your time carefully and you’ll be able to achieve a lot during the two weeks. Looking for some extra help? Check out our blog post on how to make a revision schedule.

Getting the Balance Right

Not that we are advocating spending entire days revising for two weeks solid!

That is absolutely not what you should be doing!

Yes, as students start ‘the final push’, they are bound to up the ante a bit – but it is vital that students (and families) get the balance right between revision and relaxation.

There’s a tendency to think that all the rewards and free time can come once all the exams are over.

But, in a way, regular rewards are as important as regular revision.

Do a Little a Lot… but do a lot of it!

The general consensus about good exam revision advice is to revise a little a lot.

Regular and frequent short chunks of revision are always going to be more effective than a 12-hour shift of non-stop revision. BBC bitesize has a helpful article on some top revision techniques to help you find a way of revising which works for you.

And scheduling in little rewards and treats are important to keep the motivation going.

You don’t want to feel completely knackered at the end of the Easter break; you want to feel re-energised!

The Home Straight

Once students return to school or college after the Easter break, they really are in the home straight. The start line will now be in sight.

The Easter holiday provides an opportunity for a young person to take stock and assess where they are at in their various subjects.

A few last minute tutoring sessions can often be just the thing to get you fully ‘match ready’.

Sometimes, it’s a just a bit of tweaking, a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh face that can help solve any last minute worries, problems or concerns a student might have in a subject. Get in touch for a chat if you would like to book a tutor.

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